Kou Shun'u or "Tasuki" (gen_chan) wrote in fyrpg,
Kou Shun'u or "Tasuki"

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The other day camping out in the desert...It's cheaper than an Inn. Anyway, I'm rudely awoken by a bunch of twobit low lifes, the kind of guys who give us charming ones a bad rap, and a girl with the loudest voice I've ever heard...Really you wouldn't expect it since her chest is as flat as a board...To my disbelief I bailed this chick out of trouble and proceeded to scold her for being so damn loud...

So she starts whining...The way chicks do when they want you to do something. Geez I hate women like this. She just wouldn't buy the reality that her friend is gone...way to far to catch up with on foot...So I fed her this uplifting junk about how the Emperor would help, you know to shut her up...

Well to make long story short, She asked and I had to again save the day...Geting us both thrown in prison...Heh, but not for long. Being a lowlife has very good advantages, especially with locks.
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