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The Universe of the Four Gods [entries|friends|calendar]
Fushigi Yuugi RPG

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new member [15 Jan 2004|11:11pm]

Ohayo......I'am a new member to heika(his highness) Hotohori sama's harem.My name is Houki......have any of you see a girl who look's just like me?Her name is Kourin......I think she's out to go look for the emperor.....I hope I can fullfill all yor duties as one day the emperor is going to decide who to marry from this harem ~blush~ Though I was forced to come here....I miss my familt

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No sleep for me~ (not NOW, anyway...) [28 Jul 2003|01:06pm]

[ mood | ....scarred for life ]

Aniki returned to Kutou last night and apologized for not leaving a note. We talked for a while, and he coached me some more on playing the flute. I'm improving!.. I think... Anyway, I couldn't get to sleep, so I thought I'd go tell Nakago-san that aniki was back (he told me he hadn't spoken with Nakago-san yet). On my way there, I thought I felt the presence of a high-level ki, so I rushed to Nakago-san's room and threw open the doors and -

I think I'm scarred for life.

Nakago-san was kissing Tomo. >_< I don't want to THINK about what else went on after I ran out of there. And aniki's still sleeping, but now *I* can't sleep. That horrible image... whenever I close my eyes, that's all I can see!

...maybe I should sneak out of the palace and go searching for Seiryuu no Miko-sama while Nakago-san is.. occupied... >_< And why does it look like someone has been tampering with my journal? I'm not going to be getting any sleep tonight!

.....Nakago-san and Tomo.... >_> uwaa~ aniki, wake up~ ;_; I need you to play something soothing on your flute!

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Shattered Illusions [28 Jul 2003|01:05am]

[ mood | crushed ]

I don't know how I'm going to be able to write this down. Maybe getting it off my chest will help a little. I just feel like I want to end everything tonight so I don't have to bear this turmoil a moment longer.

With Miboshi's help, I went to Nakago's bedroom tonight. He was tossing and turning in bed, as though some nightmare were controlling his sleep. It made me wonder what kind of state Soi had left him in. I was so worried, I thought for sure my pounding heart would wake him. So I sat beside him anyway and touched his forehead to feel for a temperature. He seemed to calm down when my hand touched him. I thought I had finally broken through....

And then he woke up. He kept questioning me harshly about why I was in his quarters, though I'm certain he already knew perfectly well. My reason that I merely wanted to be near him didn't seem adequate enough, and when I tried to soothe him more, he shoved me away.

Miboshi must have been having a riot. I forgot about him completely once we arrived, but he was there the entire time. I tried to make Nakago understand, and I thought maybe I had gotten through to him when he got out of bed and came toward me, so serious and suave. I couldn't breathe; I couldn't even think, much less move.

But, of course, I must have been delusional. He lashed out at me and grabbed my throat. He told me I was a fool and only needed me for the ceremony. And when I threatened to leave and start my own life, his temper only worsened. Of course I would never defy him. And he knew it perfectly well. And...he was so close. I...I couldn't resist.

I kissed him. Softly, of course. It would likely be my only chance to find out what it was like. He returned my gesture with a backhanded slap, but somehow it barely phased me. I kissed him again, this time deeper, more passionately. It was so much more amazing than I had even imagined. His lips were soft and sweet.

It only lasted a mere moment, though I was lost in eternity forever, it seemed. I knew what the likely repercussions of my actions would be, but at that moment, it seemed worth it. Somehow I managed to fool myself into believing he would want me. But when he buried his fist in my stomach, all of those illusions were shattered.

Funny how I'm supposed to be the master of illusions, and yet I ended up trapped in one myself. I don't remember how long I knelt there stunned after falling to my knees. I only remember burying my face in my palms and sobbing. I'm ashamed of my tears, but I couldn't hold them back. He said he loved no one, but especially someone like me. Like me? Am I that repulsive to him?

I'm so confused. I feel lost...tormented. I don't know what to do anymore. If I try to leave, I know Nakago will just hunt me down and lock me away until he's ready to use me. Now I know for certain that he doesn't care...and never will.

And still...somehow...I can't seem to hate him. I wish I could, if only to stop feeling this sentimental and afraid. Why does he make me feel like that?

But none of that really matters in the long run, does it? I should forget about all this. My mission is to serve my lord Nakago in whatever he wants, and nothing more. And if he decides I am worthless when all this is over and chooses to end my futile existence, I'm ready to accept that as well. It seems that's the only thing I have left to live for--to die by the hands of the one I love most....

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Scheming.... [19 Jul 2003|01:51am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Miboshi came to my chambers tonight. The little beast truly knows how to grate my nerves, but what he came to propose was truly unexpected. It seems he must apparently be bored out of his wits, because he offered to use his abilities to take me to Nakago's room. There must be a price involved; surely he'll ask for my soul when this is all said and done.

But right now, that doesn't seem to matter. When he told me that he was willing to take me to Nakago's quarters, my heart nearly burst from my chest. I chance with Nakago...it's what I've dreamed about for so long. If he wakes, will he reject me again? I have to take that chance.

Only a few hours more to wait. Miboshi is coming back for me when Soi leaves his room. My heart's alread pounding so furiously, I'm sure Nakago can hear it from here. As each minute ticks by, I become more and more anxious. Will he take me into his arms? Will he even wake up?

Oh, well. If he condemns me, so be it. At least I will have tried.

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Fears and Desires [18 Jul 2003|09:08pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

What did I do wrong? I find that I'm asking myself that question more and more frequently these days. Nakago has been so cold as of late. He keeps pushing me away. Not that it's so unusual...I know he doesn't love me. I just wish he'd be a little nicer to me.

Anyway, I walked in on Nakago and Soi looking at maps and making plans in regards to the incidents that have been transpiring in Konan over the past few days. Were they not even going to consult me at all? The only reason I thought to go inside was because Suboshi was making so much racket putting holes in the walls.

Nakago's so incredible. Just seeing him in all his magnificence makes my heart leap into my throat. I tried to tease him into playing with me, but he gave me the cold shoulder. What am I don't wrong? I just don't understand. Even when I joked around by making fun of Soi and threatening Suboshi, Nakago seemed annoyed at my very existence. I can't help but feel he's just using me for my position as one of the Seiryuu Seven. Once my work is done, will he throw me away? I don't think I could bear that.

The decision was made that Nakago would make the trip himself to search out the girl from another world who got lost here. I think he felt challenged by Miboshi's derisive words. Suboshi entreated to let him take the job himself, but Nakago refused. Even when Soi and I both requested to accompany him, he declined. He's so thick-headed. Maybe that's why I love him.

The night ended with him requesting our leave to be alone with Soi. Gods, that woman makes me sick. He only sleeps with her to make use of her "ki-regenerating" abilities. ...Or at least I keep wanting to believe that. Truth is, I'm not so sure anymore. It hurts so much. Why can't that be me instead? I didn't want to leave. Even if it meant sharing him, I wanted to stay. But I will follow his orders to the bitter end, and he ordered me to leave. So I did.

I want to be better for him. I am loyal to him, but what else is there? I can't help but think that, once this is all over, he'll abandon me completely....

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What a lot of fools [18 Jul 2003|01:56pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Well, now, lovely little journal that boy has here. I'd get one of my own, but reading through his is so much more amusing... and using it for my own personal discussions is so much simpler. I'm sure the boy won't even notice that someone else has gotten access to his beloved memoirs. My, my, should I be worried for my safety? Heh.

I am Miboshi, the "floating baby thing" as Suboshi so kindly put it. Such a brat, that boy is. Hardly enough power to swing those deadly weapons of his, let alone actually hurt something with them. But at least he's merely a tempermental child. A child. Heh~ I amuse myself.

The meeting showed me that I am surrounded by complete and utter fools. Having been alive far longer than any of them can comprehend, this form being only one of many, I can honestly say I have never met any group so idiotic. Nakago, our dubious leader, seems utterly devoid of brainpower. I'll obey his commands simply because it suits me, of course. Other than that, why bother? As for Soi and Tomo.... I believe we could fare perfectly well were they both to have - accidents. Of the demonic kind. Not saying that I would do such a thing, but it is an idea. They both spent the entire meeting fawning over Nakago. A mildly amusing scene, to be sure. And here I thought that perhaps Tomo might have been the only reasonable one of the lot, but it seems I was wrong. Oddly enough, two of our number were absent from the meeting. I wouldn't be surprised if I was the only one who noticed.

I think I will stick around, simply for a chuckle or two.

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Don't take me so lightly because I'm the youngest! [18 Jul 2003|01:35pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Nakago-san called the Seiryuu seishi in for a meeting today. Supposedly, there was a strange girl who landed in Konan, the Suzaku no Miko! I'm uninformed. Why do they always have to ignore me for being the youngest seishi? And I'm STILL bored. There's nothing to do around here!!

So, anyway, Nakago-san tells me that I should go and locate our missing Seiryuu no Miko-sama, since we don't want to fall behind the Suzaku bunch. But then that - that - FLOATING BABY THING tells him that I'm to inexperienced to know where to look, or who to look for, and he convinces Nakago-san to go and find Seiryuu no Miko-sama. So I'm still stuck in this palace with nothing to do.

And even worse, Aniki seems to be nowhere to be found. He didn't show up at the meeting, and I haven't seen him in a while. I'm lonely. Aniki, come back~~

I think I destroyed about half of that meeting-room. Too bad I didn't injure that Miboshi at all. But I think that Nakago-san isn't too thrilled with him either, so I might not have to kill him afterall. Someone else might do that before I get the chance. I'm not so weak that I can't handle missions like that!

.....I'm going to kill that floating baby thing.

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UGHHH!!! [16 Jul 2003|11:58pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

The other day camping out in the desert...It's cheaper than an Inn. Anyway, I'm rudely awoken by a bunch of twobit low lifes, the kind of guys who give us charming ones a bad rap, and a girl with the loudest voice I've ever heard...Really you wouldn't expect it since her chest is as flat as a board...To my disbelief I bailed this chick out of trouble and proceeded to scold her for being so damn loud...

So she starts whining...The way chicks do when they want you to do something. Geez I hate women like this. She just wouldn't buy the reality that her friend is gone...way to far to catch up with on foot...So I fed her this uplifting junk about how the Emperor would help, you know to shut her up...

Well to make long story short, She asked and I had to again save the day...Geting us both thrown in prison...Heh, but not for long. Being a lowlife has very good advantages, especially with locks.

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Really, those silly court maidens. -_-;; [16 Jul 2003|03:21am]

[ mood | moody ]

There's a rumor going around the palace about this strange guy who tried to assassinate the emperor, and his strange female companion. Even stranger is the rumors that the man is a Suzaku seishi, and the woman...the Miko no Suzaku!

I don't know if I beleive those girls. They're always sitting around spreading silly rumours like that and usually they're not even true! Really, those silly girls have nothing better to do with their time.

Me? Well I have to make sure that I'm looking stunning for the emperor. It's part of my duty, is it not? Being part of the court and all.

I think I'll go brush my hair and hope that maybe the emperor will notice me. I'm sure he will today.

♥ Kourrin ♥

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Another Exciting Day [16 Jul 2003|12:32am]

[ mood | confused ]

Today started out pretty boring. You know, the usual: people waiting on me hand and foot, taking my every request, parading me through the city as the common masses crowd around and bow at my feet. But then suddenly, out of nowhere, this annoyingly screechy voice cries out to me. At first I thought it was a dying animal, but it turned out to be a young girl. With an HORRENDOUS sense of fashion, I might add.

Anyway, she begs counsel with me, but before I can say much, this fiery red-headed barbarian (though well-built, not nearly as attractive as myself, not to mention he had fangs) comes up and starts insulting my general person like some insolent fool. Of course, the guards had no choice but to attempt to horde him off, but he revealed some sort of flame-throwing weapon and started incinerating people.

Well, I couldn't just stand by and watch, now, could I? To make a long story short, we traded insults, fought a short skirmish, and he took off like any coward might after facing my superior skills. But before he did, I noticed the mark on his body that started to glow. It was like my own! But surely that fool can't be one of us...he's far too much of a savage to hold any importance in this world. But nonetheless, being the kind-hearted, generous Emperor that I am, I took them both back to my palace to give them the counsel they sought.

Well, the girl might get what she wants. The savage is more likely to get a good flogging like he deserves. I mean, really! Insulting MY sense of fashion? When he clearly has none of his own. Not to mention his breath was putrid and his manners were even more so. But in all seriousness, I hope to get to the bottom of this mystery. The girl keeps wailing about some friend of hers named Yui, though I fail to see what that has to do with her brutish kiobito being one of the Suzaku Seven.

But I suppose it will all be uncovered with time....

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Where in the world am I? [16 Jul 2003|12:05am]

[ mood | determined ]

You will not beleive what happened to me!

One second, I'm opening this book, the next, I'm in China. Or so I thought. Now I have two theories:

1. I'm in ancient China. (But every time I say China, Genrou acts like I'm STUPID or something!)
2. I'm somewhere totally different. (But where?)

Well, anyways, Yui got kidnapped by these horrible foreigners, so Genrou suggested we ask for the emperor's aid. But the emperor was so meannnn~! ;~; He locked Genrou and I up in the prison~! That is just SO cruel!

But, on the good side of things, I met this totally gorgeous guy. Unfortunately, it seems that he's just as big of a jerk as most of the guys here.

Now, to figure a way out... X3

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