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Where in the world am I?

You will not beleive what happened to me!

One second, I'm opening this book, the next, I'm in China. Or so I thought. Now I have two theories:

1. I'm in ancient China. (But every time I say China, Genrou acts like I'm STUPID or something!)
2. I'm somewhere totally different. (But where?)

Well, anyways, Yui got kidnapped by these horrible foreigners, so Genrou suggested we ask for the emperor's aid. But the emperor was so meannnn~! ;~; He locked Genrou and I up in the prison~! That is just SO cruel!

But, on the good side of things, I met this totally gorgeous guy. Unfortunately, it seems that he's just as big of a jerk as most of the guys here.

Now, to figure a way out... X3
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