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No sleep for me~ (not NOW, anyway...)

Aniki returned to Kutou last night and apologized for not leaving a note. We talked for a while, and he coached me some more on playing the flute. I'm improving!.. I think... Anyway, I couldn't get to sleep, so I thought I'd go tell Nakago-san that aniki was back (he told me he hadn't spoken with Nakago-san yet). On my way there, I thought I felt the presence of a high-level ki, so I rushed to Nakago-san's room and threw open the doors and -

I think I'm scarred for life.

Nakago-san was kissing Tomo. >_< I don't want to THINK about what else went on after I ran out of there. And aniki's still sleeping, but now *I* can't sleep. That horrible image... whenever I close my eyes, that's all I can see!

...maybe I should sneak out of the palace and go searching for Seiryuu no Miko-sama while Nakago-san is.. occupied... >_< And why does it look like someone has been tampering with my journal? I'm not going to be getting any sleep tonight!

.....Nakago-san and Tomo.... >_> uwaa~ aniki, wake up~ ;_; I need you to play something soothing on your flute!
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