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Miboshi came to my chambers tonight. The little beast truly knows how to grate my nerves, but what he came to propose was truly unexpected. It seems he must apparently be bored out of his wits, because he offered to use his abilities to take me to Nakago's room. There must be a price involved; surely he'll ask for my soul when this is all said and done.

But right now, that doesn't seem to matter. When he told me that he was willing to take me to Nakago's quarters, my heart nearly burst from my chest. I chance with Nakago...it's what I've dreamed about for so long. If he wakes, will he reject me again? I have to take that chance.

Only a few hours more to wait. Miboshi is coming back for me when Soi leaves his room. My heart's alread pounding so furiously, I'm sure Nakago can hear it from here. As each minute ticks by, I become more and more anxious. Will he take me into his arms? Will he even wake up?

Oh, well. If he condemns me, so be it. At least I will have tried.
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