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Don't take me so lightly because I'm the youngest!

Nakago-san called the Seiryuu seishi in for a meeting today. Supposedly, there was a strange girl who landed in Konan, the Suzaku no Miko! I'm uninformed. Why do they always have to ignore me for being the youngest seishi? And I'm STILL bored. There's nothing to do around here!!

So, anyway, Nakago-san tells me that I should go and locate our missing Seiryuu no Miko-sama, since we don't want to fall behind the Suzaku bunch. But then that - that - FLOATING BABY THING tells him that I'm to inexperienced to know where to look, or who to look for, and he convinces Nakago-san to go and find Seiryuu no Miko-sama. So I'm still stuck in this palace with nothing to do.

And even worse, Aniki seems to be nowhere to be found. He didn't show up at the meeting, and I haven't seen him in a while. I'm lonely. Aniki, come back~~

I think I destroyed about half of that meeting-room. Too bad I didn't injure that Miboshi at all. But I think that Nakago-san isn't too thrilled with him either, so I might not have to kill him afterall. Someone else might do that before I get the chance. I'm not so weak that I can't handle missions like that!

.....I'm going to kill that floating baby thing.
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